Why Natural Sunscreen?

The bigger question is, why use
a sunscreen to prevent skin
cancer that has cancer-causing
chemicals in its ingredients?
Chemicals get into the system
and play havoc with organs to
slow them down - eventually
causing all and any kind of
problems. This, in turn, creates
a need to take medicine which
causes side effects, which
causes other side effects until
the body can no longer work on
its own. Cancer attacks the
weakened system. Chemicals
make this path for cancer and so
many other diseases.

Terra André sunscreen is
100% natural and
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Miscellaneous Skin Care Products and Tools
Wild Herbal
2.5 oz. $5.99
Lotion:  SPF 28%
Dusting Powder
Dusting Powder
All Natural Bristle
Body Brush
Wild Herbal Deodorant
Sunscreen Lotion
All Natural Bristle Body Brush
Lavender Dusting Powder
Rose Dusting Powder
Terra Andre' 100% Natural Skin Care
6 oz. $10.99
6 oz. $10.99
6 oz. $16.99